Unlearn what you've been told about high performance investing

Break the relationship between risk and reward.

Our Approach
We founded EFI to invest in select high return opportunities where we can eliminate or reduce risks without limiting upside potential.

Who We Are

EFI was co-founded in 2018 by serial financial entrepreneur Sandy Koifman and investment expert Toby Main.

As investors we were frustrated by the acceptance that high returns must be associated with high risk. We believe that the intrinsic risks in high performance investments can be signifi cantly reduced. This is the pathway to true risk adjusted outperformance.

Break the relationship between risk and reward.

Our Strategy

The efficient frontier represents any set of investments which offer a ‘fair’ return for the risk taken. The outperformance of our investment products is reliant on moving opportunities to the left of this chart, without moving them down. When this happens, greater returns than could be expected at this lower level of risk can be attained.

Our success in this is built upon our expertise in two key areas:

  • accessing higher return opportunities with their implied higher levels of risk
  • articulating and attenuating these risks without diminishing the high returns
Investment OpportunityEfficient FrontierRiskReturn
“Knowledge is the greatest hedge for risk management.”
— Warren Buffet

Invest Differently

We focus all of our attention on a small number of high conviction ideas. This enables us to build a deep, sophisticated understanding of each and every investment product and its associated risks.

By keeping the number of ideas low, we ensure:

  • Only the very best ideas make the cut
  • We can go deeper than others in the nuances and intricacies of the associated risks
  • The required attention can be given to reducing and managing the risks
Understanding and reducing their risks.

Our Expertise

Our mutual success relies on two things we excel at, discovering and accessing the right opportunities and understanding and reducing their risks.

We target high performance investment opportunities and through our experience and expertise, allow you to access the same market return with lower than expected risk.